July 31, 2014


Forkliftaction.com is the online reference, news service and marketplace for the global materials handling industry. Launched in 1999 the first newsletter was released to 50 subscribers mid 2000 and the Forkliftaction.com website was launched in December 2001.

With correspondents in Asia, Australia, Europe and the United States, Forkliftaction.com now has over 53,000 members and an estimated 190,000+ newsletter recipients. Readers can trust Forkliftaction.com as they are an independent organisation, with no affiliation to any manufacturers.

Every addition to their website aims to offer members new ways to promote their businesses to fellow members, find new global markets, find leads for potential customers or business partners, make contacts and develop new business opportunities.

Forkliftaction.com has great respect for the intrinsic deal making that characterises the materials handling industry. It involves personal contact, on-site inspections and appraisals, financing, shipping and warranty arrangements, cross selling and partnerships. That’s why we believe the change of traditional business processes to digital marketplaces is a complex evolution that can only be carried and steered successfully by people from the industry itself.

Forkliftaction.com understands that the materials handling industry today wants simplicity and full control of the negotiation process by buyers and sellers. The internet has to prove it can bring new values and consistent savings to our businesses, before we’ll let it alter our traditional business processes.

Forkliftaction.com needs you and your industry knowledge to make this project successful. So don’t hesitate to get involved and contribute to this digital evolution.

For independent industry news, discussion forums, business directory, marketplace, spec checker, and industry events, register free at: http://www.forkliftaction.com/news/statlink.asp?statlinkid=8804